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THE SUM FOUNDATION'S services are all FREE and inclusive for children, teenagers, and adults of all backgrounds, identities, beliefs, and life ways, and stands ready to assist with all kinds of challenges. The foundation aspires to bring out the best in all people and situations, and to live up to its mission and motto:

“Be Embraced, Ye Millions”

Doing Homework


Providing homework assistance and tutoring in after-school programs, to enable students to keep up with academic work, maintaining good grades and prevent students from falling behind in their school work.

It reinforces the teaching efforts of educators, and strengthens the relationship between students and teachers.

Missing Piece

Practical Life & Social Skills

 The foundation will assist in 

bringing out the best in children by acquainting them with the importance of knowing universal laws, societal rules, and applying the tools to manage their lives.

Children and young adults seek routine structure, direction, organization, discipline, and knowing what their natural interests and abilities are.

Food To Go

Free Meals

The foundation will facilitate free nutritious dinners for children who participate in the program.

"Let's have healthy children"

Adelle Davis

We must ensure that our children's basic needs are met, if we expect them to succeed in school and become responsible, contributing citizens and leaders.  

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